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Industrial Abrasive Blasting

Our professional large-scale industrial abrasive blasting supplies are far superior to small blasting cabinets made for individual or hobby use. … Read More



We like art and art likes American Dry Stripping. When a Yale art student needed the metal pieces for her … Read More

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The surface stripping and preparation requirements of our customers are as diverse as the applications for which they are needed.

Whether metals, alloys, fiberglass or other hard surface types, from industrial to exotic, the preparation strategy to meet end-user finished product requirements can be unique. The component outcome is dictated by complex variations in nozzle air pressure, angle, distance, media type and grit size and various combinations of each during the stripping process. Knowledge and experience for choosing the optimal combination from the range of abrasive stripping and surface preparation options is critical. A misstep in this initial production phase can, for example, result in costly and undesirable downstream outcomes like the warping of metal parts during an exotic car restoration.

Whether glass or plastic bead, aluminum oxide, mined or synthetic mineral, our professionals rely on their extensive experience and knowledge to employ the most efficient and effective combination of media and blasting variables to prepare and deliver a large array of different surface profiles and finishes for nearly any situation. Read more >>