Start Right to Refinish Metal Patio Furniture

Stripped metal patio furniture awaiting powder coating
To refinish metal patio furniture it's best to use abrasive blasting first.
Stripped metal patio furniture awaiting powder coating

When you are ready to refinish metal patio furniture

Okay, say you find a set of cool old metal or cast iron patio furniture by the side of the road or on Craigslist.

Or maybe you find your OWN set of metal patio furniture or iron bench under the snow!

When you are ready to refinish metal patio furniture, it is important that you make the right start.

You need to get down to bare metal without damaging it, causing pitting, or ending up with caustic and damaging chemicals leaking out of drain holes later.

American Dry Stripping™ & Xtreme Coatings helps people with all of their metal furniture restoration needs. We are located in Milford, CT near New Haven and offer a convenient pick-up and delivery service in New York including Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. Contact us to learn more.

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Sandblasting Before You Refinish Furniture

The first step to refinishing metal patio furniture is to start with a professional dry abrasive blasting job or service. Why?

How many of those “How to Refinish Metal Patio Furniture” articles and wikis have you read? Almost every one suggests:

  • chemical strippers
  • powerwashing
  • scraping paint
  • wirebrushing the paint
  • sanding the metal
  • treating the rust
  • using caustic products like naval jelly (acid)

You can spend the money investing in these toxic chemicals, scrapers, and equipment. Then you can spend the time to DO the job (don’t forget the clean up!).

Result? You will not get the smooth finish that professional abrasive blasting gives you.

Abrasive media blasting Sandblasting American Dry StrippingThe Best Reason to Use Blasting to Refinish Patio Furniture

The better the surface preparation, the better (and longer!) the paint or powder coating adheres to the surface of the metal.

What we do is sometimes referred to as “sandblasting” or stripping. Our methods of blasting don’t include sand anymore. Instead our experienced blasters determine what kind of metal and corrosion needs to be removed and select the best abrasive media for the job.

Of course you could try to strip the metal yourself.

But the time and effort and — most of all — the less-than-desirable result could really discourage you and set you back a season.

That’s the best reason to use professional abrasive blasting for your job.

The pros make quick work of your patio furniture job. When you are ready, we can get the ball rolling to refinish metal patio furniture.

So what about the finish?

Patio furniture requires high-quality outdoor paint or powder coating and a meticulous hand.


Sun, rain, snow are all hard on metal! To ensure you won’t have to repeat this coat job again next year, we recommend a professional powder coating service.

We offer in-house powder coating for metal patio furniture. Bring it in to us to ensure you protect your outdoor furniture investment.

Ready to refinish metal patio furniture? Have a question?

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17 thoughts on “Start Right to Refinish Metal Patio Furniture

  1. Wondering if your company sandblasts homes? I have wooden siding that needs to be blasted in order to be re-painted

  2. Your incredible team recently sanded and coated a set of vintage wrought iron patio furniture (couch, tables, dining set, chairs, etc.). Your pristine work made our run down furniture look brand new! The set is stunningly beautiful. It honestly looks like it came straight from a showroom or expensive store. We are beyond happy and satisfied. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  3. Can you tell me where I can find the tiny rubber tips for my old patio furniture. All of the ones I found that I can order are too big.

    1. Hi Mary: Unfortunately there is little in the way of standardization for patio furniture foot glides and protectors across manufacturers. All choose to be somewhat unique. We must use several different parts suppliers to meet the needs of our customers. For smaller quantity glides I would suggest first heading to your local outdoor furniture store like then perhaps Lowes or Home Depot. Be sure to take one of your existing glide caps with you. We hope this helps. If you are unable to find what you need, please feel free to call us at 203.876.9876 if you would like to discuss further. Thank you for contacting American Dry Stripping.

  4. I have a small table, two chairs and a chaise that need to be refinished. I can send pics a d would like an estimatemate

  5. I just had some old furniture stripped and powder coated. The pieces look great but the metal is soft as butter. Do you know what could have caused that? I am guessing they are mostly made of aluminum.

  6. We have about 10 Metal Flowers and 1 butterfly that My Father-in-law made many years ago when he owned a welding shop. They have rusted and need to be refurbished. Can you provide a quote on about how much it will cost? I can send you a picture of our Heavy Metal Flower Garden.

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