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1966 Ducati Restoration Joe Levine American Dry Stripping powder coating

One of our private restoration clients did a bang up job not only of his 66 amazing OEM Ducati resto, but of his story of it!

Jim Cooper recently shared that he’d completed the restoration of 1966 Ducati Bevel Single 250 MK3 that he’d pulled from the depths of his friend, Jon’s, garage. It’d been housed there for 45 years!

As you can imagine, it came out a bit dusty and needing some elbow grease.

1966 Ducati Restoration Joe Levine American Dry Stripping powder coating

Regardless Jim set to work on the project, and made use of some terrific local experts in the process (see below). We were happy to provide blasting and powder coating for the frame.

Anyway, without further adieu, here’s the whole shebang. I am impressed with the seat rebuild — and of course the amazing and fastidious engine rebuild by Mohawk Motors that gets it running at the end.

Happy Endings for Ducati Rebuild

As we mentioned, we were pleased to be able to participate in a small part in this restoration. Italy made amazing bikes during the 60s and it’s great hearing one running again, restored to its original glory in the good old USA.

1966 Ducati Black Satin Powder Coating

The final restoration of the bike took more than the predicted two years and included the work of many hands.

1966 Ducati Restoration Jim Cooper Powder Coating American Dry Stripping

Here’s a list of the amazing businesses that Jim worked with (more info in the video):

  • The ShopCT – Sandblast and Fluid Hone
  • American Dry Stripping – Strip & Powder Coat Frame
  • Premiere Finishing/Dennis Mandu – Red and Silver parts
  • Reliable Plating and Polishing – Chrome, polish, zinc, etc.
  • Bob’s General Service – Seat Rebuild
  • Joel Levine – Gauge Restorations
  • Mohawk Motors – Pete Talabach – Beckett, Mass. – Complete Engine Overhaul

Thanks again to Jim for sharing this project with us! Congratulations! 

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