Pick-up & Delivery

Having a reliable trailer at American Dry Stripping allows us to offer delivery & pickup/dropoff services to Connecticut, New York and New England, including rare care delivery.

Many of our metalworks customers call on us for pick up and delivery of their sandblasted and coated items — large and small.  This includes everything from radiators and patio furniture to art pieces and architectural restorations.

Some of you may have heard that we were in the market to replace our trailer. We use it to deliver everything from Aston Martins to zoological creatures.

Well, we worked with New Haven-based Elm City Trailer to get the job done, and here she is.

Car delivery CT
We are rollin’ with our new trailer!

This Rance aluminum v-nose car hauler, measures 8′ wide x 27′. 4″. long, x 6.6′ tall on the interior. Of course it’s fitted with a ramp rear door for easily rolling carts, vehicles, and dollies in and out. And it is climate controlled.

How We Use our Trailer

We have three primary uses for our trailer:

Be sure to contact us to talk about delivery, drop-off or pickup services.

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