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A spiral staircase in a house with wooden railings.

For a precise, beautiful, and lasting finish

At American Dry Stripping & Powder Coating we have the expertise to deliver on the precise specifications of your architectural metalwork projects.

Metal architectural components need to combine functionality, aesthetics and performance. When quality, durability, and appearance are important, architectural powder coating is the answer.

From extrusions, railings, panels, and metal staircases we return to you a flawless powder coat finish. We pay attention to every detail and inspect finished pieces to ensure total customer satisfaction.

Powder Coating: The Best Option for Outdoor Architectural Metalwork

A powder coated finish is the perfect combination of long-lasting, weather-resistant, and decorative. Powder coating offers superior outdoor durability, gloss retention, and resistance to fading. It’s also one of the most environmentally-friendly coating solution.

architectural powder coating Powder Coated Wall Extrusions

Our in-house quality control ensures we consistently meet your quality standards. Every project begins with the correct alloy surface preparation.

Our coating team will work with you to find the perfect one-stage or multi-stage color processing to achieve the final look you and your client want. From powder application through curing, cooling and packaging, our team focuses on the details. We ensure a beautiful, uniform powder coat finish that will stand the test of time.

Large Dimension / Long Length Objects

We have one of the largest ovens on the East Coast — 6’ wide x 9’ tall x 18’ deep. This means we have the capacity to cure large extrusions, assemblies, and architectural elements including gates, beams, enclosures, and staircases. We can powder coat steel, aluminum, wrought iron, or other metals. We work to your specifications and tailor powder coating to fulfill your architectural requirements.

What architechtural powder coating jobs have we done in the past?

  • Architectural Extrusions

  • Exterior Panels

  • Beams

  • Supports

  • Gates

  • Railings

  • Fencing

  • Stairs

  • Metal doors & frames

  • Signage

  • Commercial Lighting

  • Large Weldments

  • Artistic Figurines/Sculpture

  • Truss Plates/Supports

  • Enclosures

The Most Trusted for 30+ Years

When you need quality architectural powder coating and a beautiful, lasting finish, you can count on American Dry Stripping. We welcome customers with high expectations for a top quality powder coated finish.

We value relationships with all our customers, take pride in our customer service, and stand by our work. That’s why for more than 30 years we are the most trusted dry abrasive blasting and architectural powder coating service in the Northeast.

Ready for an estimate for architectural powder coating? Have a question? Drop us a line.

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