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Our industrial, automotive, and metalwork blasting and powder coating clients have one thing in common:

They want the job done right the first time, by the most qualified blasting and coating team in New England.

Who Chooses American Dry Stripping for Blasting & Coating

Automotive and motorcycle restoration clients (from American classics to ultra-rare European and Japanese collector rebuilds) who are removing paint and undercoatings, addressing rust and corrosion issues, and who want surface preparation for new automotive finishing.

Many of these clients use our in-house powder coating and ceramic coating services as well.

Manufacturing, industrial, and fabricators with new materials, previously-coated items, large-scale/bulk jobs requiring perfect profiling, cleaning and prep, with a fast turnaround.

Metalwork artists and art collectors who are restoring metal artwork, fabricating and creating original pieces, and/or require prep work for coatings.

Industrial designers, architectural designers, and artisans who create original industrial work for sale. Others also bid and work on mid- to large-scale restoration projects for architectural revival, landscape design, and building and home restoration and renovation. These include railings, lighting, home furniture, outdoor furniture and more.

Everyday regular people like you who want to restore their radiators, update their patio furniture, revive an old bedframe, re-coat their old beloved Knaack box. We welcome every request from customers new and old who want to

Why choose dry abrasive blasting

The process of dry stripping removes organic coatings, urethanes, lacquers, primers and fillers from all types of panels and components, leaving the substrate materials clean and in pre-paint condition. The process is successful whether the substrate is steel, aluminum or fiberglass.

Let us help you make your next job beautiful and painless.

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