Industrial Abrasive Blasting

Our professional large-scale industrial abrasive blasting supplies are far superior to small blasting cabinets made for individual or hobby use. Because we use only professional, industrial-grade equipment, environmentally friendly medias and the correct mix of nozzle pressure, angle, distance from target and media combinations our abrasive blasting process is highly effective and precise. Our experienced team of professionals can strip and blast clean any type of metal or fiberglass part. Stripping away rust, corrosion or paint from frame-off or frame-on whole car bodies, rolling frames or cleaning individual parts is no problem for our professionals. Because when it comes to restoration of exotic, high-end cars or simply the wheels you grew up with, experience and equipment matters ensuring there is less chance that the original metal or fiberglass will become damaged. Not all fiberglass and metals respond the same to one type of abrasive media blasting, so we will always make sure that the blasting and stripping processes we use on your car is the most effective method available.

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