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For 30+ years, American Dry Stripping™ has been the “go-to” dry abrasive media blasting partner in Connecticut and New England for industrial customers and their work projects.

We continually serve the aerospace, medical equipment, food and beverage, electrical, and other industrial and manufacturing industries.

For our industrial and manufacturing partners, American Dry Stripping™ & Xtreme Coatings is the key outsource partner for early phase surface cleaning, preparation and anchor pattern profile etching in the manufacturing process prior to downstream surface finishing.


Why Experience Matters

Today “just-in-time” is the standard for manufacturing companies. In other words, the “hot” job is almost every job we see today. When you bring your industrial surface preparation job to us, you invest not only in our services but in our commitment to turning your work around quickly so that you meet your customer timelines. Our goal is to make you look like a hero to your customers, improving your relationships and securing more business. When we talk partner we put our work where our mouth is!!

When you choose American Dry Stripping™ and Xtreme Coatings, you are choosing an established company with the best-in-class equipment and resources to get the job done!!

We have 100 years of combined experience in surface preparation, anchor pattern profile etching, rust and corrosion removal and stripping of existing surface coatings and finishes. We select the best abrasive media and sieve size for the job to achieve the optimal outcome for you, our customer based upon your requirements.

Certified Abrasive Blasting and Surface Prep

American Dry Stripping™ follows specifications set down by the Society for Protecting Coatings (SSPC) and NACE, The Worldwide Corrosion Authority for blasting and stripping work projects We employ stringent internal quality control processes that meet our customers’ requirements.


In our environment, dry abrasive media blasting and stripping equipment and processes are safer to use than slurry or soda blasting or any caustic liquid cleaners. It can also be dangerous if not used correctly. It’s best to choose a proven leader in the industry for all your blasting and stripping needs.

American Dry Stripping’s™ team of professionals are trained to safely and effectively use industrial abrasive media blasting equipment.

Blasting Room Large

The Right Abrasive Blasting Equipment & Blasting Media

American Dry Stripping™ uses professional large-scale industrial abrasive blasting booths and cabinets. These are superior to those designed for individual or hobby use.

The blasting/stripping production line includes:

  • two large walk-in blasting booths
  • a parts blast booth
  • media-specific blasting cabinets
  • an EPA-approved burn-off furnace for efficient, cost-effective removal of a range of surface coatings
  • two high-volume, heavy-duty Ingersoll-Rand rotary screw air compressors
  • an Ingersoll-Rand air dryer with oil-water separators that remove all particulate matter, delivering absolute dry clean air to the blast hose nozzles
  • Humidity and temperature controlled holding room for completed work

Abrasive blasting and stripping with precision takes know-how.

Our team of professionals has many years of combined experience with abrasive blasting and stripping equipment. This guarantees superior results, the first time.

Flanges Blasted and Powder Coated

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