3 reasons to use ceramic coating on exhaust

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Let’s start with the obvious reason: ceramic coating to headers and other exhaust parts create a stand-out look for your car or motorcycle.

Ceramic header coating ceramic exhaust coating

The Ceramic Coating Protection

It’s not all about looks, however.

Exhaust and turbo parts in high-performance engines take a beating. If you’re investing in a vehicle at this standard, the second reason is the best: protection.

A quality ceramic coating increases the longevity of parts by protecting them from road salts and chemicals, the heat of the engine and corrosive exhaust.

That engine heat is a biggie. Heat concentrates in those pipe bends and curves. This makes the metal more prone to degrade over time. Hot spots can lead to pin holes as exhaust gases erode the inner substrate. Ceramic coatings retain the heat in the housing, which helps manage thermal tumbling due to thermal cycling.

Improving performance

The third reason to apply ceramic coating to exhaust — and most bragged out — is performance.

Ceramic coating helps to increase speed and maintain the quality of exhaust gas flow. Ceramic coating will improve the performance of your headers, turbo parts, and exhaust pipes. It ensures a smooth flow of exhaust, leading to increased horsepower.

Turbo ceramic coated in Black wrinkle
Turbo ceramic coated in Black Wrinkle

Even if you are already using a high-grade stainless steel or titanium set, ceramic coatings assist in eliminating back pressure allowing for more effective release of exhaust. This further improves performance.

Ceramic coatings reduce heat soak in the engine by keeping the heat in the pipes. This lessens the risk of damaging plastic parts, wiring harnesses, and spark plug wires.

A good quality ceramic coating job can increase the horsepower in your vehicle and improve other engine and exhaust system functions.

Getting the look you want

Have a question about colors? In our Xtreme shop, Tone keeps samples of our Cerakote colors. Not all silver, grays, blacks and chromes are created equal! You will want to have a look and feel for yourself in person.

You can check them out online, or stop by the shop for an look.

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