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Efficient Burnoff Services

American Dry Stripping™ & Xtreme Coatings offers efficient and affordable burn off services. We use a heat-cleaning furnace to supplement to our blasting services whenever it is appropriate.

In our burnoff oven, high-temperatures bake off materials such as varnish, paint, oil, and plastic from durable metals. Our oven has the ability to clean steel and iron. Materials burn off and are either vaporized or remain as ash.

Once cool enough parts are removed from the oven and residue is efficiently and economically cleaned from the workpieces. Workpieces are, as in the case of powder coat hooks and hangers, ready for reuse whereas other parts are moved to the next stage of the cleaning and stripping process.

Burn Off Oven

How does the oven burnoff process work?

Using a burnoff oven is efficient, economical and safe. Cleaning metal by using chemicals is both hazardous to people and the environment. Our heat-cleaning oven heats up to 800 degrees in an oxygen-deficient environment. Sensors prevent run-away fires by activating water misters to cool the oven.

At approximately 250 degrees, solvents and hydrocarbons turn to vapor leaving carbon and inorganic compounds behind. At about 500 degrees, materials combust, a process that lasts about two hours. During this time carbon is into turned into harmless carbon dioxide.

After cooling, any remaining ash is manually removed. Metal comes out clean and ready to be surface prepped and coated.

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