Blasting the “Wedding Car” as part of a wrought iron VW restoration

Wrought Iron VW Beetle Rear_American Dry Stripping Wedding Car

We often get rare cars in our shop. We often get art in our shop.

Every now and then we get a super-rare car that can only be called a work of art.

Such is the case with this incredible wrought iron Volkswagen Beetle.

Wrought Iron VW Beetle CT American Dry Stripping

This is the “Wedding Car” — a one of two VW car bodies built by a Mexican artists for VW to promote the brand at the Olympics Games in Mexico City. It is the property of VW of America. The complete car displayed publicly at the LeMay Car Museum’s 2014 exhibit: “VeeDub – Bohemian Beauties” in Tacoma, Wash. back in 2014 and at #VAGFair 2015 in York, Penn. recently.

VW Beetle Wrought Iron Wedding Car by Volkswagen USA
“The Wedding Car” Volkswagen Beetle in wrought iron at #VAGFair 2015

The website and Facebook page are a great resources on the history of this vehicle. VW commissioned two Wedding Cars to be made to promote the brand at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City. More were made and sent to dealers to draw people in. You can see how eye-catching they are!

Old VW Beetle Wedding Car
Photo from VW fan Alicia Cambreleng’s grandfather, shared with VW USA

Other metalworks artists from Mexico to Europe had their fun with the wrought iron idea and made their own versions of the body. These inlcude Gomez Ironworks founder Joe Gomez in San Antonio, Tex. and the Croatian forging company MG Vrbanus that makes gates.

Warning: Loving old VeeDubs may lead to VW restoration

We work with #autoresto shops that bring us all kinds of rare and rusted vehicles. The cars are all different, but the one thing that is consistent: both the owners and restorers are mad about those cars.

If you’ve ever owned a VW or met someone who does, you probably know it’s a brand that people  are somewhat… ahem … passionate about.  I mean, it’s a car brand that doesn’t really go halfway, does it?

Long VW Bus Blue Awesome

Tell us about your beloved VW Beetle, Bus (or any model). We can help when you want to start your VW restoration.

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