What is the process when you call American Dry Stripping?

ADS Sales order What is the process for sandblasting

what is the process of sandblastingWhen you call American Dry Stripping (or stop by, email or drop us a note via our contact form), you might wonder what is the process from there?

Well, we are big on collaboration. So here is a little of what we do to ensure your project turns out exactly the way you expect.

  1. We listen. We start with carefully listening to or reading your request.
  2. We ask questions. 
    • What is your overall goal?

    DID YOU KNOW: Once you expose metal, all except for the highest quality stainless, oxidation begins. Getting metal in primer or some finish coating is critical, especially in the humid summer.

    • What material is your job made of?
    • What size is it? How heavy is it?
    • How will you get it to the shop?
    • What is your timeframe? There are times of the year when we are busier than others. We will let you know that and give you an honest estimate of how long it will take from drop-off to pick-up/delivery.
    • Do you want or need pickup/delivery service?
    • Where are you located?
    • After the product is blasted, would you like it ceramic or powder coated? We provide coating services onsite through our partner, Xtreme Temperature Coatings.
  3. We provide answers. Sometimes our clients are not sure what the best solution for their job is. We offer our 30+ years of expertise to offer the best answers.
  4. ADS Sales order What is the process for sandblastingWe draw up a work order. Our Operations Director, John Gurrieri, manages the shop and prioritizes jobs through the work stations.
  5. We provide you with an estimate. In most cases, your final cost will match the estimate. If there is a change in the cost (because of some unforeseen issue with the job), we will call you to discuss how you would like to proceed. We will never move forward if the price becomes substantially different than the estimate. The choice is ALWAYS yours.
  6. We contact you with changes to the job or with any clarifying questions, throughout the process.
  7. We complete the job.
  8. We place your item in appropriate storage until you pick it up.
  9. We contact you.
  10. We invoice you. Our admin, Sarah Granger, will bill you and ensure you are happy with the service you receive.
  11. We will ask how we did. At any point, we welcome your reviews and feedback. You can submit a testimonial to us, or review us online and share your happy experiences with others.

At American Dry Stripping, we have served thousands of happy customers over the years. We are more than happy to serve you too. Let us know how we can help.

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2 thoughts on “What is the process when you call American Dry Stripping?

  1. I am also in the DC area — and, I have one, small radiator in need of stripping and powder coating.

    Any chance that you would consider sending a truck and crew, if there were enough folks interested in having radiators done to make the costs worth it? I can reach over 17,000 people here locally, and there must be even more — between DC and Baltimore — who would also like to have radiators done. What kind of quantity would make a large truck, a couple of guys, and multiple pick-ups in the same region, worth it?

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