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Vintage Ferrari in for Blasting

Vintage Ferrari Blasting American Dry Stripping

We have lots of rare and classic car partners in the area, some we’ve worked with for 20+ years! Back in June, our friends at Miller Motorcars in Greenwich delivered a vintage Ferrari to the shop for blasting.

American Dry Stripping™ & Xtreme Coatings helps people will their sandblasting and media blasting needs. We are based in Milford, Connecticut and serve customers in metropolitan New York and surrounding counties, Long Island, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. Contact us to learn more.

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We offer a pick-up and delivery service.

Ferrari has always preferred aluminum bodies over CFRP (carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic) technology. This is because aluminum is “better suited to higher production volumes.”

Aluminum in the blast booth is super finicky: you do not want to try blasting a soft metal on an expensive resto at home!

Depending on the alloy, we use bead blasting with careful attention to PSI and the angle of blast. Pur guys have years of experience removing paint and coatings, with our shop manager John always inspecting the car before and after to ensure the correct blast approach.

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