Sponsoring CT Seaport Car Club

Sponsoring CT Seaport Car Club

Sponsoring CT Seaport Car ClubHey all, we are proud to show our love for classic cars (and the people who love them!) by sponsoring CT Seaport Car Club again this year.

Have you ever taken a look at the CT Seaport Car Club’s “Car Shows from the Past” page?

Go ahead and take a look (and get your scroll finger ready!)

Why We Sponsor

This is group of people seriously dedicated to having fun with the hobby of rare and vintage car collecting.

Gary Jones 1968 Dodge Dart
Here is Gary Joneses 1968 Dodge Dart, at a CT Seaport Car Club event.

Their calendar is up to date with winter activities, as well as the first “green” (when you see the calendar, you will know what we mean!) event of the 2016 season on April 17: the Alpha Phi Delta Car Show, to benefit Special Olympics of CT.

It is not a mystery to us that despite the fact that modern cars are generally more efficient, cleaner, safer, faster than the oldies, people love classic cars! Classic cars are the perfect storm of nostalgia, innovation, beauty and function.

Thanks to CT Seaport Car Club for their great work.

“Classic cars all have a story to tell about what they have accomplished in their lives, where they have been, and why they are still in operation.”

— Ian Davies, Petrolicious

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