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Start Right to Restore Exhaust Manifolds

restore exhaust manifold
restore exhaust manifolds
V8 Exhaust manifolds, prior to blasting

Nothing likes to gather rust and oil quite like the cast iron exhaust manifolds in your old car’s engine. So to make these look really great again — many times even better than new — bring them to our shop for restoration.

American Dry Stripping™ & Xtreme Coatings helps people with sandblasting, media blasting, and powder coating services. We are based in Milford, Connecticut and serve customers in metropolitan New York and surrounding counties, Long Island, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. Contact us to learn more.

Click the link below ⬇ to see our exhaust and intake manifold portfolio!

We offer a pick-up and delivery service.

What to do when you are ready to restore exhaust manifolds

  1.  Burn off. We use our high-temperature burn-off ovens for items like these V-8 exhaust manifolds. Baking them at a high temp effectively removes all surface grease and oils and any that may have, over the years, soaked into the metal.
  2. Prep is key to finish. To finish, we media blast the manifolds inside and out to remove years of rust and grungy and add a profile to the surface for optimal adhesion of finish coat.

After blasting, all parts are stored in a temperature and humidity-controlled room until pick-up. Or we can ensure you get the right performance coating you want, right away after blasting.

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