Should I Restore that Classic Car, or Buy a Restoration?

restoring classic cars
restoring classic cars
Imagine the satisfaction after restoring a classic beauty like this one,

If you are dreaming about joining the summer cruises in the classic car of your dreams, you have two choices: restore a classic car or buy one.

If you’ve been thinking about restoring a classic car yourself, take a moment. Finally owning and driving a restored classic car is like reuniting the with that gorgeous high school girlfriend that got away. And she hasn’t aged a bit!

Autoweek shared four excellent thoughts to ponder when you are considering a DIY restoration.  Not the least of which is cost: over time, you will more than likely spend MORE restoring the car yourself than you would if bought a fully restored car.

Done properly, restoring that six-cylinder ’Stang will cost almost as much as redoing a GT 350. In number terms, think about $100,000 in a car that on a good day might get $25,000.

Still there are at least as many good reasons to restore a classic car which outweigh the bottom line.

Not the least of which is the satisfaction of driving a beauty you saved from the rust heap.

If you have questions about how professional dry abrasive blasting gets your classic car restoration project done right, contact us today. We are the experts.

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4 thoughts on “Should I Restore that Classic Car, or Buy a Restoration?

  1. Thanks for the interesting post. I agree that if you just want to drive a classic car around, the best choice is to buy one that has already been restored. You’ll save money unless you happen to be a master mechanic. But sometimes it’s a rejuvenating experience to work on a car. I’ve found it very relaxing and enjoyable.

  2. If you are buying restore a classic car yourself, you take a moment of owning and enjoy driving. This is properly done by restoring that the six cylinders with much redoing a GT 350.

  3. My brother loves classic cars, and I know he dreams of restoring one someday. I didn’t realize restoring could cost more than buying a classic car. The process is worth it though! Like you said, there is satisfaction in knowing you saved something. Thanks for this info!

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