Refinish Outdoor Furniture Before You Put It Away

refinish outdoor furniture restore vintage furniture

The temps are dropping and Labor Day is a sweet memory. So before you stow your outdoor furniture, do yourself a quick favor. Refinish outdoor furniture now.

That’s right. Just like planting bulbs and grass seed, the lovely autumn is the perfect time to prep your patio items for spring.

Rust will march on, unless …

Metal_Chair Before & After

Your patio set may have o ly a bit of wear and tear now, but rust has a way of making itself known.

Rust loves those winter months, under cover, taking over and damaging the beautiful metal you have invested in.

Whether it’s a vintage set or one you bought from Lowe’s, removing surface rust and powder coating is the best way to protect your investment.

Rusted patio/lawn furniture in need of stripping

Why Dry Abrasive Blasting is Best to Refinish Outdoor Furniture

There are plenty of DIY projects to keep your busy this winter. You are going to want to give refinishing patio furniture a pass.

Why? Because it is time and labor intensive when using DIY products to sand and remove rust and coatings.

Dry abrasive blasting is economical. And it’s a far more efficient way to get into those nooks and crannies than with your fingers and sandpaper. There will be spots you just can’t reach without the right nozzle, the right psi, and one of our experienced blasters.

Our team knows how to remove coatings without damaging the metal.

So pile that patio set into the back of your minivan and drop it off to us, or give us a call and we can pick it.

Refinish Outdoor furniture restore vintage patio furniture

What about the finish?

After our experienced team of blasters removes the coating and surface corrosion, we get to the really fun part.

We offer you a shocking range of colors and will finish your outdoor furniture set with a powder coating finish. You will hardly recognize it as your own when it’s done!

If you aren’t familiar with this technique, powder coating uses electro-static technology to apply finely ground pigment to metal. The powder adheres to the surface until melted and fused into a smooth coating in our curing oven.

The result?

An exceptionally durable, uniform, high-quality, environmentally safe, and beautiful finish.

Ready to go? Drop us a line while the sun shines and we can give you an estimate on cost and time.

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