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It's patio season! Bring us your outdoor furniture for a glow up!

rusted birdbath needs abrasive blasting
What mom really wants for mothers day
Yeah… it probably got left out this year, right?

Right about now you are trying to figure out what to get your mom or the mother of your children for Mother’s Day.

Here’s some help.

What your Mom really wants for Mother’s Day is NOT:

  • Brunch
  • Flowers
  • Breakfast in bed
  • An artful arrangement of fruit
  • A gift certificate to the nail salon or her favorite climbing gym

Now hold on…

She will enjoy all of those things and love you for them. But what your mom really wants for Mother’s Day is to be able to take something OFF of her crazy long to do list. 

Because Mom is the doer of ALL the things that you forget need to be done and that get done magically around the house, and in life.

The Mom job just never stops. Not even if you go to the spa.

Patio Chairs
Patio chairs blasted here, ready for new coating.

So when she actually does take time off to scale walls or soak her cuticles, how can you help to be sure she will return even more relaxed?

Blast Her To Do List

One thing most definitely on her list is getting the outside ready for the summer. That most definitely includes a set of “well-loved” patio furniture that may or may not have made it into the shed back in November.

So here’s your true way to Mom’s heart.

A checklist for what mom really wants for Mother’s Day:

  • Collect up all your metal patio furniture and bring it to us for stripping and re-coating(Or call us to pick it up).
  • Be sure to find out what color she wants… Classic black? Or maybe she’s ready to go with turquoise or yellow? Bring a sample and we can match it.
  • Rake up the flower beds and re-mulch (You can have mulch delivered by the yard from our neighbor, Grillo’s).
  • Sweep off the deck, driveway and patio and power wash the dirt away. Check the siding for areas that need powerwashing too.
  • Clean and repair any of her favorite windchimes.
  • Got yard art or metal birdbath? Bring metal masterpieces to us for rust removal and cleaning.
  • Clean up the firepit. Bring your old metal firepit to us for cleaning and rust removal and recoating.
  • Order/organize wood for the firepit to have on hand!
  • Dig up all those wayward maples and sycamores that are growing where they shouldn’t be.
  • Clean and/or replace your welcome mat.
  • Ditch any old, broken pots.

rusted birdbath needs abrasive blasting

If you are looking for extreme bonus points, you can even take down the screens and storm windows and clean them too.

We know you love your mom (or the mother of your children)! That’s why we want to help you treat her right this year.

If you have any questions, give us a shout. (Note: we do not know your mom’s shoe size).

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