Metalwork & Art: Sculpture Jerome Harris Parmet

Tongues of Fire by Jerome Harris Parmet

Art research is a thing around here!

The latest piece is this one, called “Tongues of Fire” brought to us by way of Arts Westchester.

Still doing some digging, but it seems it is the work of award-winning New Rochelle metalwork sculptor Jerome Harris Parmet, probably held in private collection.

After years of interior architectural design, Parmet took up his lifelong dream to create steel sculpture.

Parmet sculpts mostly in steel, he said in an interview, occasionally with wood or glass.

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2 thoughts on “Metalwork & Art: Sculpture Jerome Harris Parmet

  1. It is amazing to see what people can do with metal. Not only is it a major part in the overall building up of society, but it can be used to create amazing works of art as well. I want to learn more about the metal working process and figure out how it all works.

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