Media Blasting Classic Cars: 1969 Roadrunner

Media Blasting (sandblasting) 1969 Roadrunner

More media blasting classic cars in the booth this week. For all our MOPAR lovers out there, take a look at this bad boy:

Media Blasting Classic Cars (sandblasting) 1969 Roadrunner
No doubt the owner of this ’69 Plymouth Roadrunner has plans for some heavy duty cruisin’ this summer. He brought this in, prepped and ready for media blasting recently.

Media Blasting Classic Cars - (sandblasting) 1969 Roadrunner

A “Blast” from the Past: The 69 Roadrunner

The 1969 Roadrunner is such a fun story. First, it was the ultimate econo-racer, popular in its 1968 launch year, despite low sales projections.

Also, its name was cross-promoted using the famed Warner Bros. characters (apparently not a popular idea at first.) The Roadrunner’s image was decaled on the car, and the horn even imitates the bird’s famous “Beep Beep”.

The brand synergy worked and in 1969 Motor Trend named this model the Car of the Year.

Media Blasting Classic Cars (sandblasting) 1969 Roadrunner
Notice our media blasting suit? No that is not a Dr. Who character!

So, with over 82,000 units of the 1969 Roadrunner, this isn’t a rare car, per se. But the Roadrunner followed the GTO in mass production of mid-sized, econo street racers that followed the arc of the supercar boom.

Media Blasting Classic Cars (sandblasting) 1969 Roadrunner

Here’s a little Plymouth advertising blast from the past:

Our thanks to the great detail and info from Ate Up with Motor.

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