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Jeep: Resto or Rebuild?

Sandblast Jeep
Sandblast Jeep
Jeep bed in the Shop for dry abrasive blasting

We’ve got some Jeeps coming and going from the blast booth these past couple months. We don’t always get the low down on the owners plans for the vehicles.

If you are the owner of an older stock Jeep, you are also the owner of some rust and corrosion. (Especially if you’ve been driving it off road!) That means you will definitely want to blast and re-coat at some point.

But this may also be the time to restore or rebuild your beloved 4-wheel. So the question is: Jeep: resto or rebuild?

In Four Wheeler Network, Bob Worthington talks about his Jeep resto, a 1967 CJ-5 V-6.

Parts, Pampering and Price

Bob had to deal with the reality of no automatic anything in the old Jeep that glowed so happily in his memory (including no power steering). He also came up against the issue of no new parts, since the CJ-5 had not been made since the ’80s.

He also realized how high the cost of a true restoration is.

“The rebuilding process allows much more leeway because almost any component that fits and works can be used to make the vehicle stronger, faster, more nimble, or better able to perform specific off-road tasks.

“Restoring … is a much more difficult job. In the process of making the vehicle like new again, it must also be as close as possible to when it originally exited the factory. A top-of-the-line restoration is referred to as museum-quality, meaning the restored vehicle is a replica of what originally appeared on a dealer’s showroom floor.”

Crist Clapper Jeep Wagoneer 1990 Restore
Crist Clapper’s 1990 Jeep Wagoneer 1990 Restored

This is why true automotive restorations (and the people who complete them) are so impressive. A restored Jeep — or any vehicle — is not merely a puzzle of parts that just “make do.”

Restoration means dedicating oneself to the original components and design of the car, exactly the way it was new.

And considering the sheer number of parts to any given vehicle, that is really impressive.

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