How Pollen Affects Your Car’s Paint

How Pollen affects the paint on your car

How Pollen affects the paint on your car

Your sinuses aren’t the only thing impacted by the burst of springtime pollen. The moment pollen coats the surface of your car it starts working to erode the finish. How does pollen affect your car, and what can you do to ward off the springtime pollen blues?

Pollen On Your Car’s Exterior

We sometimes think with winter a memory, we are free to leave our cars on the driveway. But the exterior can be impacted even worse by pollen than by snow.

Pollen coats the outside of your car and may leave a sticky, dirty mess to clean up. The buildup will deteriorate the car’s paint job, potentially leading to chips, and eventually rust.

Pollen also coats the windshield making a challenge for wipers to clear. This will impact your visibility while driving. Make sure the wiper fluid is topped up and functioning properly, in order to keep the wipers working optimally.

Save Your Paint by Removing Pollen

Wash car to protect from pollen

The detail pros at Detailed Image encourage you to wash your car frequently during high pollen season. However, there are right ways to wash a car.

They recommend removing the pollen as soon as possible. Pollen may seem like granular dust, but it is designed to cling to bees and flowers. This means it also clings to the pores of the paint can damage it, and advance oxidation.

To help prevent this buildup, it’s important to wash your car using soapy water and light agitation. Soap will deactivate the pollen.

Also be sure to dry it. You can also use a wax coating to help protect the paint, but only after a soapy wash.

If your vehicle’s surface paint is already too far gone, call us. We will get started the right way in removing paint and surface build up from your car.

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