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  1. Hello!,
    I am looking into getting 5 radiators from my house restored this spring. What should I do first? Come down and look at what you can do? Choose what finish I want and then hire someone to take them out and bring them down to you? Can you give me a ballpark idea what it costs to do 1? I just don’t know where to start, thanks for your advice, Lee

    1. Hi Lee! Thanks for asking.

      If you are not planning to remove them yourself, you can hire a local service tech or handyman to drain and remove them after the heating season ends. They are extremely heavy (hundreds of pounds each depending on size) so you will need assistance taking them from the home to the front of the house. If you are in our area, we can transport from your door to our shop and back. Or you can opt to have your handyperson deliver them. We have many color options, so please call and schedule a time to come to our shop to look at color samples. You can also look at some of the radiators on our website for color ideas. Thanks Lee!

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