Benefits of High Temperature Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating headersCT

Header ceramic coated for engine efficiency in titanium

We often get asked what are the benefits of high temperature ceramic coating for intake manifolds, headers and other parts of the exhaust system that generate excessive heat.

Heat Offset

Using high temperature ceramic coating on the headers keeps the heat where you want it: inside the exhaust tubes. A ceramic coated header will reduce the heat in the engine bay and direct heat through the exhaust pipes which means…

Greater Engine Efficiency

Ceramic coatings help increase the speed and maintain the quality of exhaust gas flow. With an increase combustion chamber efficiency, fuel oxidizes more efficiently.

Chromex Ceramic Coatings
Chromex Ceramic Coating for exhaust.

Coated headers means a smooth flow of exhaust which can lead to an increase in horsepower.

Longevity of exhaust system (& other parts)

Ceramic coatings help reduce the thermal cycle and reduce surface temperatures. By reducing exposure of these parts to a constant hot-cool cycle, you reduce the risk of metal parts weakening.

By keeping the heat in the pipes you lessen the risk of excess heat damaging other engine parts like plastic parts, wiring harnesses, and spark plug wires.

Better Durability & Protection

High temperature ceramic coating protects parts from road salts, oil and gas, and other corrosive chemicals. These chemicals can cause rust in a very short period of time which will eventually put holes in your exhaust parts.

Depending on the coating, part life increases from two (2) to ten (10) times what is normal.


high temperature ceramic coating on motorcycle exhaust
Skull face is ceramic coated and air-dried.

One of the most common reasons our customers want their headers and exhausts ceramic coated? They want a beautiful, custom look that will really pop.

We use Cerakote High Temperture Exhaust coatings, the industry leader, to ensure the best finish.

Chromex appears like chrome, but provides all the protection of ceramic.

Reds, golds, titaniums and blacks can be used to make a uniform or more custom look while protecting your vehicle.

Typical Uses for High Temperature Ceramic Coating

For vehicle coatings, the typical uses of high temperature ceramic coating is headers, exhaust systems, manifolds (exhaust and intakes), valve covers.

Expected Results

Ceramic coatings offer excellent thermal barrier characteristics. This means reduced under hood temperatures, accelerated exhaust gas velocity and a longer life expectancy for the entire exhaust system.

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4 thoughts on “Benefits of High Temperature Ceramic Coating

    1. Hi Shayne, the high-temp ceramic coatings are limited to certain colors/finishes based on the temps they are exposed to. That said, often adjacent parts in the engine aren’t subject to the same heat threshold and can be powder-coated instead. This gives more color options. Drop us a line!

  1. I’ve always wondered how paint on cars and other machinery could withstand such high temperatures, so thanks for sharing this. I like your point about how ceramic coating can help keep metal parts strong. I will be sure to check my car for this so I know the heat won’t damage the parts.

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