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Give Dad a Car to Restore on Father’s Day

Rusty 1954 Hornet Photo by John Lloyd on Flickr

Rusty 1954 Hornet Photo by John Lloyd on Flickr

If you can’t think of ANYTHING to get your Dad for Father’s Day, what better one-of-a-kind gift than a car to restore this Father’s Day?

You know Dad is always reminiscing about the Buick/Stingray/El Camino that got away.

And, no he does NOT need another golf-themed travel mug.

So what the hell? You are a grown up adult-y person now with your own savings account.

Do it.

Drop Dad a hunk of sweet rusty nostalgia in his driveway.

This is True Love

Truck a Love Story by Michael PerryIn Michael Perry’s hilarious book “Truck: A Love Story” (probably a much more reasonable last-minute Father’s Day gift), he lays it all out — the agony and the addiction of restoring his 1951 International L-120 in his brother-in-law’s Wisconsin barn. Late nights, loud music, smashed knuckles, a spouse who shakes her head.

It’s all kind of love story.

That same kind of love your Dad’s been telling you about since your ears started working.

Now you have the chance to impress him with a car to restore on Father’s Day.

Getting Dad Started

Maybe a better idea than springing it on him to make an “informed decision” together (don’t worry… that will be one of the last one of those you make.) Hemmings has some good advice on the Best Cars to Restore.

Dad might need to bone up, so start with Car Restoration for Beginners: 7 Easy Projects.

And read on a bit at Hot Rod about paint removal . You’ll see they agree with us that the kind of abrasive media blasting we do to remove paint from old cars is both amazing, faster than hand-sanding and, ahem, a bit tricky.

(A car’s old metal or fiberglass body can be permanently damaged by the wrong media, or by just not know what is under those many layers of coating. Important to get paint removed by American Dry Stripping’s specialists).

DIY is good for the most part, but for parts of the job, remind Dad to leave it to the pros.

Oh and make sure he has a good camera for before and after shots. That Polaroid is just not going to cut the mustard.

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