How To Frost Glass Permanently with Abrasive Blasting

how to frost glass permanently

A client brought us a bulk order of industrial glass lenses for profiling. The planned outcome for the glass was a frosted effect.

We thought this would be a good chance to share with you one way to frost glass permanently, using abrasive blasting.

You can see our blaster profiles the surfaces carefully. After every job our team examines every piece of work for quality assurance.

how to frost glass permanently
Before (below) and After

Why Choose to Frost Glass Permanently (or not)

The fine media we uses etches the glass evenly. If you are looking for a permanently was to frost glass, this is an excellent solution. Of course, because the surface is etched, the frosting effect is permanent. For other, less permanent methods of frosting, you can check out this useful article from Bob Vila.

Have a question about surface etching glass or this frost effect in particular? Drop us a line.

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