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Mooring Ball Fire Pit

Connecticut metalwork artist and architect Sandra Vlock creates “Fireballs” custom firepits from steel vintage mooring buoys.

How do we know this? Well, we were fortunate enough to have our hands on a five in the shop this week. The detail on these fireballs is incredible.

Vlock brought the buoys to us because she wanted the final product to achieve a rusted look. Buoys tend to be coated with marine-grade paint which keeps them from rusting. The coating needed to be removed, and the surface prepped.

We took our time blasting each piece carefully, inside and out. As you can see, there were many angles, curves, nooks and crannies to contend with.

Vlock Buoys in rain at American Dry Stripping
Before: Vlock Buoys in the rain!
custom firepits
After: Vlock Buoys ready to rust.

Yikes! Newly blasted metal out in the rain no less!! Now thats something you do NOT see everyday at ADS. We never put newly blasted metal out in the elements because rusting/oxidation occurs so fast. However that is exactly what our customer wanted and we aim to please.

From Water to Fire

Vlock has been creating “Fireballs” custom firepits for several years. Her work has garnered attention from The Wall Street Journal to Design New England. She and her team work out of a studio in Stony Creek, CT where they also create beautiful custom fireplace screens.

Every Fireball is made to order. The designs are rendered in the steel using plasma cutting. They come in 28-inch, 40-inch and 58-inch sizes.

We were thrilled to work with Vlock on these pieces, as we always are with regional artists who bring their work with us for blasting and surface prep.

If you have any questions about Fireballs custom firepits, you can contact Vlock through her website.

If you have any questions about how we can help you remove paint and prep a surface for rust or re-coating, let us know. 

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