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American Dry Stripping™ and Xtreme Coatings operates efficient media blasting equipment and powder coating equipment sourced from some of the most recognized high quality equipment and consumables suppliers in the industry.

We use three high-efficiency 150 HP Ingersoll Rand compressors connected to an additional 5000 cu. ft. air receiver and refrigerated air dryer with attached oil/water separators.

Media Blast Equipment: Dedicated Automotive Blasting Booth

In our 2017 expansion we added a 26” dedicated automotive blasting booth to accommodate the demands of our automotive restoration customers.

The equipment is all upgraded and includes all LED lighting for better visibility. We use this booth exclusively to blast rare and vintage cars and parts.

Jaguar in blast booth July 2018 Tom Champion

Media Blast Equipment – Large Blasting Rooms

These two rooms are capable of handling a wide array of large projects. Projects include: cars, small boats, sailboat masts and heavy industrial equipment.

Powder Coating and Ceramic Coating Booths and Curing Ovens

As part of our latest expansion, we’ve added an in-house powder and ceramic coatings shop to offer blast to finish services for our customers. The powder booth is oversized with the capacity to handle larger parts like car frames. The powder coat cure oven can accommodate oversized parts up to 18’ in length.

IMG 1609

Media Blast Equipment – Parts Blasting Room

For smaller automotive, motorcycle and industrial parts, this high-volume booth is instrumental in keeping up with high demand production output.

Media Blast Equipment – Cabinets

Set up for specific media types, each of our seven media blast cabinets manages a wide array of small parts jobs and can be configured and scaled-down for small jobs or scaled-up for jobs with tens of thousands of parts.

IMG 0315

Walk-in Burn-Off Oven

Our EPA-approved burn-off oven is an efficient, effective application for many abrasive cleaning projects facilitating and expediting the blasting process. This reduces blast times to clean parts and is a distinct advantage for our customers.

Clean Room

To effectively protect the integrity of your project, American Dry Stripping™ maintains an air conditioned, humidity- controlled “clean room.” Parts are safely stored to inhibit the oxidation process.  This optimizes surface readiness for surface coating or next-step processes.

Oven ADS Sept 20 2018

Air Handling

Three high-efficiency Ingersoll-Rand rotary screw air compressors (the 40HP, the smallest, is depicted below) supply the large volumes of air demands required to meet production capacity. Every blast booth has automated dust collectors. These remove spent media and ensure an optimal blasting environment for the operator.

Before any air arrives at the end of a blast hose or air line, it is stored in two large capacity air receivers. It is then sent through two high-capacity refrigerated Ingersoll-Rand air dryers with oil/water separators.

This is a critical step to ensure all air is absolutely dry and free of all potential contaminants before reaching the point of use. Moist air is certainly not a friend to metals needing to be cleaned and coated.

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