How to Choose the Right Powder Coat Color

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Choosing powder coating color

Choosing the right powder coat color is simple… and it isn’t.

There’s no wrong choice for powder coat color, if you choose the right applicator for the job. The first step is understanding that applying powder coat is a complex process.

Unlike liquid paint, powder coating is a dry powder that is applied electrostatically and then cured under heat.

Tips for Choosing Your Powder Coat Color

There are literally thousands of colors, textures and finishes in powder coating. You are not limited to “black” or “gray”.

One customer recently brought us his motorcycle rims. In order to achieve the finish he wanted, it required four layers of powder coat. He was so thrilled with the results, he drove back to show our team the results.

When you are ready to select the color for your job, you can follow these steps to help you choose:

  • Scan the Prismatic Gallery for a job or color that you like
  • Discuss with our Powder Coating professionals the finish, texture, and effect that you want
  • Narrow the selection and finalize your color choice with our team.

Below is just a sample of the range of colors we have available.

These are jobs we completed in the last year or so, in our shop. You can see the types of jobs we do, including automotive, motorcycles, patio furniture, radiators, vintage metalwork, industrial and more.

Why Choose Powder Coating?

Powder coating is durable and protects from future corrosion and rust. That only works, however, if the coating is applied evenly and is cured properly. If this is not correct, the only color you will be seeing is rusty red.

Our team ensures coatings are applied evenly and our curing oven temps and times are correct. We inspect all work before sending it back to you.

For more questions or to submit a request, contact us. 

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