Why use Ceramic Coating for Exhaust?

Why use Ceramic Coating for exhaust?

Ceramic coating by Xtreme Temperature Coatings
Ceramic Coating Improves Horsepower

When looking to improve engine performance, there are some DIY solutions.

However, for those guys who really to increase engine pick-up and efficiency, going with professionally applied coating makes sense.

Ceramic coating helps contain the heat within your exhaust pipes. When gases heat up and expand, they has nowhere to go but where? Out of the tailpipe.

This method help boost exhaust flow. Fresh air rushes to enter the engine’s cylinders, increasing horsepower.

Ceramic coated headers are not a DIY job however. Here’s why you make the investment with us at Xtreme Temperature Coatings:

Ceramic coating:

Not to mention, the final look is unbeatable. There are even some some coatings which resemble chrome plating. The wear on this finish just can’t be beat.

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