Header Powder Coated Astatic Red

How to Choose the Right Powder Coat Color

Choosing the right powder coat color is simple... and it isn't. There's no wrong choice for powder coat color, if ...
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Powder coating vs. painting

Powder Coating vs Painting: What to Choose

One of the most common questions we are asked is: What is the advantage of choosing powder coating over painting? ...
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Sandblasting vs. Media Blasting: Do You know the Difference?

For safety reasons, media blasting replaced sandblasting. But it's OK to still call it that. We know what you mean ...
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Industrial abrasive blasting

How we approach industrial abrasive blasting

For most of our abrasive blasting clients, we work in limited scope, size, weight or number of items for blasting ...
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Bulk Blasting industrial parts

Blasting & prepping (lots of) small parts

Working with medical and manufacturing clients for bulk blasting and powder coating means small parts -- lots of them. What ...
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Dedicated automotive blast booth at American Dry Stripping

4 reasons to love our automotive blast booth

When we expanded our space, the first item on our wish list was a dedicated automotive blast booth. We wanted ...
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Stripped metal patio furniture awaiting powder coating

Start Right to Refinish Metal Patio Furniture

When you are ready to refinish metal patio furniture Ok, say you find a set of cool old metal or ...
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powder coat wood

Can you powder coat wood?

Once our customers get a sense of the durability and economy of powder coating, they start wanting to powder coat ...
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Aluminum Eagle Blasted Cleaned

Clear Aluminum Coating from Cerakote

We are now offering Cerakote's clear aluminum coating in our Xtreme Coatings shop. Unlike powder coat clear or a ceramic ...
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Rims in Prismatic Black Jack

Rims in Prismatic Black Jack

A customer recently brought us a set of nice 24" rims  to be powder coated. Everyone loves black of course, ...
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how to frost glass permanently

How To Frost Glass Permanently with Abrasive Blasting

A client brought us a bulk order of industrial glass lenses for profiling. The planned outcome for the glass was ...
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How Pollen affects the paint on your car

How Pollen Affects Your Car’s Paint

Your sinuses aren't the only thing impacted by the burst of springtime pollen. The moment pollen coats the surface of ...
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