Vintage Ferrari Blasting American Dry Stripping

Vintage Ferrari in for Blasting

We have lots of rare and classic car partners in the area, some we've worked with for 20+ years! Back ...
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Jaguar XKE restoration

Prepping Jaguar XKE Restoration Firewall for Blasting

American Dry Stripping™ & Xtreme Coatings helps people with sandblasting and media blasting. We are based in Milford, Connecticut and ...
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Ceramic coating headersCT

Benefits of High Temperature Ceramic Coating

We often get asked what are the benefits of high temperature ceramic coating for intake manifolds, headers and other parts ...
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powder coating vintage church bells

Powder Coating a Vintage Bell

The benefits of powder coating go beyond patio chairs and car frames. More and more of our customers come to ...
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refinish outdoor furniture restore vintage furniture

Refinish Outdoor Furniture Before You Put It Away

The temps are dropping and Labor Day is a sweet memory. So before you stow your outdoor furniture, do yourself a ...
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1910 White Steam car Model O-O from Jay Leno

Working on a 1910 White Steam Model O-O

Back before petrol/gasoline became the main fuel for automobiles, there was plain old steam. The first "substantiated" use of a ...
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ADS Sales order What is the process for sandblasting

What is the process when you call American Dry Stripping?

When you call American Dry Stripping (or stop by, email or drop us a note via our contact form), you might ...
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rusted birdbath needs abrasive blasting

What Mom REALLY wants for Mother’s Day

Right about now you are trying to figure out what to get your mom or the mother of your children ...
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Downtown Hotel Syracuse chandelier restoration

Hotel Syracuse Lighting Restoration by Grand Light

When it comes to metalwork and architectural restoration, one of our most diligent and professional partners is Grand Light in ...
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Mooring Ball Fire Pit

Fireballs: Custom firepits by Sandra Vlock

Connecticut metalwork artist and architect Sandra Vlock creates "Fireballs" custom firepits from steel vintage mooring buoys. How do we know ...
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restore exhaust manifold

Start Right to Restore Exhaust Manifolds

Nothing likes to gather rust and oil quite like the cast iron exhaust manifolds in your old car’s engine. So ...
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Car delivery

The New Trailer: Item & Car Delivery 2.0 at ADS!

Having a reliable trailer at American Dry Stripping allows us to offer rare car delivery and item pickup/dropoff services to Connecticut, New ...
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