4 reasons to love our automotive blast booth

Dedicated automotive blast booth at American Dry Stripping
Dedicated automotive blast booth at American Dry Stripping.
Dedicated automotive blast booth at American Dry Stripping.

When we expanded our space, the first item on our wish list was a dedicated automotive blast booth.

We wanted to include at the shop a BIGGER BOOTH would do a couple of great things for customers looking for automotive dry abrasive media blasting (also know as car sandblasting):

  • Reduced turnaround time for all

    While some of our auto customers aren’t in a huge hurry, our industrial clients often need quick turn around. Vehicles take time and need a special kind of attention in the booth. Once they are in the booth, they can’t be hauled out willy-nilly in order to allow us to complete large, industrial  jobs.

    1956 Thunderbird
    1956 Thunderbird. Can’t barely fit the whole thing in the frame!

    Having a dedicated booth takes the pressure off and gives us more space to support all of the needs of our customers. We expect to be able to double our output by adding this new booth.

  • More space.

    You’ve seen a 1956 Thunderbird, correct? These beasts are enormous, and are not the only sizable vehicle we get in for blasting in the shop.

    Our new booth adds more square footage for our team to access every nook and cranny of the cars you bring us for blasting during restoration.

  • (Even more) Environmentally friendly

    Our new booth is equipped with the latest abrasive recovery system. And because we limit the booth to vehicles, we limit the types of recoverable media used in this booth  as well. This saves on cost and impact on  the environment.

  • More space for training

    The new booth will be utilized as a training space for our team to ensure they are always up to speed on the best and most effective blasting techniques.

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