Abrasive Blasting Eagle Ornaments

Eagle Ornament Restored by Abrasive Blast

Soft metals like aluminum can be tricky to restore. A client with these eagle ornaments brought them to us because our our know-how in abrasive blasting aluminum.

At American Dry Stripping, we use cutting edge abrasive blast technology to help restore many types of metalwork.

Recently, one of our customers wanted to restore some classic American eagle ornaments. The items were made of soft aluminum and needed to be blasted accordingly.

One eagle sits on top of a flagpole and the other is mounted on the house. From years of being outdoors, the eagles had lost their lustre and finish.

The first step was to carefully blast the delicate aluminum with a soft abrasive to remove the old finish.

Next, we blasted with a media that evenly polishes the aluminum and fully preps the surface to receive a new finish.

The owner of the eagles then meticulously applied real gold-leaf and mounted these beautiful classic pieces.

Here’s the photos. Enjoy.


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