Why is Abrasive Blasting More Cost Effective?

abrasive blastingAbrasive blasting is a very effective means of removing mill scale, rust, old coatings and impurities from a surface and to prepare the surface for any protective coatings if required. Effective preparation is the key to successful corrosion protection and abrasive blasting is generally more cost effective in the long term than other methods such as wire brushing, or chipping and scraping. No matter what your project, there are many ways that abrasive media blasting and can benefit you.

In nearly all trades, the cost of labor is at least equal to if not higher than the cost of equipment and supplies. Personnel can make or break any abrasive blasting job. Our properly trained, abrasive blast operators can turn an otherwise potential failure into a profitable operation. Our experienced team of professionals can strip and blast clean any type of metal or fiberglass part. Stripping away rust, corrosion or paint from frame-off or frame-on whole car bodies, rolling frames or cleaning individual parts is no problem for our professionals. Because when it comes to restoration of exotic, high-end cars or simply the wheels you grew up with, experience and equipment matters ensuring there is less chance that the original metal or fiberglass will become damaged

In general, the financial advantages of abrasive blasting lie in the reduction of “man-hours” required to clean and finish parts. By using these different methods of blasting and media types, we can complete jobs effectively and in the most cost efficient manner. In the past, when steel or other metals needed cleaning, it took days of scrubbing and soaking in harsh chemicals.  Now, thanks to state-of-the-art abrasive blasting techniques, these jobs can be completed in hours instead of days, saving you money, time, and labor.

Harsh chemicals or other abrasive means of cleaning metal can sometimes damage the original surface or even eat holes in it; however, since our media blasting products include versatile “green” materials such as plastic and/or glass bead, the cleaning can be performed quickly without damaging the original metal, alloy, or fiberglass surface.  Sanding by hand can take a very long time and using chemicals can be dangerous. Using abrasive blasting creates a surface that bonds better to paint or plating.

Even if you are passionate and dedicated to restoring classic cars, there comes a time when choosing a professional abrasive blasting and stripping company is the best choice for the outcome of your project. While blasting equipment and other tools are readily available, the process is time consuming, frustrating and usually results in damage to metal or fiberglass and a less than perfect stripping outcome if completed as a DIY project. Not only do we provide a clean and efficient blasting job, but you won’t have to worry about any of hassle associated with clean-up. Industrial abrasive media blasting and stripping is a better choice for your automotive restoration project, so bring yours to American Dry Stripping today.

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