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Abrasive Bead Blasting for Aluminum

Ferrari Aluminum Skin Glass Bead Blasting CT

The Benefits of Bead Blasting

Ferrari Aluminum Skin Glass Bead Blasting CT

When you bring your restoration project to American Dry Stripping and Xtreme Coatings, we select from a wide variety of abrasive blasting media tailored to your project to strip off old paint, remove rust and/or other contamination so you have a clean metal template and can powder coat or add primer to the original metal.

Glass bead blasting is currently a popular method of stripping aluminum car parts of paint or any kind of corrosion because this leaves you with a surface that’s clean and polished. Our technicians also have the ability to control the force and angle of the blasting, which means a more thorough and effective cleaning.

The media we use reaches even the smallest of spots and crevices. Abrasive blasting also saves you time and money because of how efficiently the media strips away old paint without damaging the original metal, which means less surface repairs.

American Dry Stripping™ & Xtreme Coatings helps people with all of their sandblasting and media blasting service needs. We are based in Milford, Connecticut and serve customers in metropolitan New York and surrounding counties, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. Contact us to learn more.

We offer a pick-up and delivery service.

A Wide Variety of Media and Blasting Techniques For Any Project

Whether glass bead blasting or using combinations of other types of media, American Dry Stripping employs a number of time tested and experience proven techniques for your metal restoration and hard surface management projects.

We match the type of blasting media that we use to the type of metal or surface you bring us to ensure the best possible outcome. Our professionals have over 100 years of experience working with all media types and blasting equipment.

Complete auto bodies, on frame or off and anything in between, industrial components from one to thousands of pieces, iron and alloy metal finishing, furniture, decorative and more, all can be done with the same precision. American Dry Stripping ensures a quick, thorough and cost effective stripping solution each and every time.

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