Automotive Surface Preparation

You only get once chance to remove paint, rust and corrosion from your beloved vehicle.

At American Dry Stripping, we have been trusted for more than 30 years in automotive surface preparation and stripping.

Triumph after automotive surface preparation and restoration
The right automotive surface preparation is the only way to start your restoration

You want it done right the first time.

Our customers have entrusted us with their rare and classic Corvettes, Rolls Royces, Porsches, Lamborghinis, Aston Martins, Model Ts, and MOPAR so many more. Our team uses only the most correct dry abrasive blasting techniques and media (sometimes called sandblasting). We have the know-how to get your vehicle’s surface prepped and ready for restoration.

When it comes to automotive surface preparation, our knowledge and expertise is the the best around.

  • Wrought Iron VW Beetle Rear_American Dry Stripping Wedding Car
    A super-rare wrought iron framed VW Beetle
  • Evinrude Tank
    Evinrude Tank after restoration
  • American Dry Stripping Blast 1954 Corvette
    Rare 1954 Corvette blasted one coat at a time
  • 1958 Fleetside After Restoration
    1958 Fleetside After Restoration
  • 1911 Knox Rims after media blasting
    1911 Knox Rims after media blasting
  • Triumph after restoration
    Triumph after restoration
  • 1937 Rolls Royce Fenders after stripping
    Removed paint and corrosion from these 1937 Rolls Royce fenders

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American Dry Stripping


Precision abrasive blasting. Done right the first time.
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